Sunday, February 12, 2017

FINDING SPRING, A Garden In Glass Vases

There is something missing from this picture.
To be sure, snow is pretty as it gently falls creating a snow globe world outside the window. Soon the snow begins to pile up on the ground and above the trees fanciful with their branches becoming  dusted with white. The landscape is transformed.

Yet, something is missing....

The  white snow  blanket eliminates color making for a vista of white and  grey. The starkness of winter on a cloudy day has a quiet and cold beauty all its own. On days when the sun is shining the long shadows across the snow are dramatic.

Yet, what is missing is color.

 So it goes......
 James and I were doing a few errands in Exeter, NH. He parked the car so that I could run into a store. When I came out he was not in the car, hmmmm! I remembered that just a few doors down is superb flower shop, and that is exactly where I found him.

It was very cold, I am talking 14 degrees F. cold, and very windy. These Arctic-like conditions made walking any distance unpleasant, so I was happy to see him through the shop window.

If blindfolded and lead through the door,  I would have known  immediately that I was in a flower shop.
 The fragrance is unmistakable, that of sweet peas, peonies, roses along with all their companions in glass vases.

And once my eyes adjusted to the light, it was the color that struck me.

These stout tulips were a blaze in colors that would be difficult to mix on a palette. Behind them,  a bouquet of yellow Mimosa which remind me so much of Italy and the Spring Festa delle Donne, a day to honor women and offer bouquets of Mimosa.

On every flat surface in this shop are flowers arranged by color in glass vases creating spectacular table top gardens.

Winter whites, palest pinks and lime greens create an all white, so to speak, garden. Really, how pretty is this! Wrap them all up please!  I can dream, can't I.

A friend of ours, Judith, said that if she were wealthy, she would have a huge bouquet delivered to her house every week. I am with her on that.

The succulents in the window just soaking up the sun on this February day.

 Amaryllis also enjoying a sunny spot on the floor. Elegant and sporting jewel like  colors are  grand over the top in their showiness.

I have to admit, the days are getting longer, even if it is minute by minute each day, I still long for  Spring. But for now flowers will do. If you need a shot of spring drop into a flower shop, green house, botanical garden, and take home a few flowers for yourself, believe me, it is good medicine.
Fill your eyes and soul with color.
And, close your eyes for a few moments and let the fragrance fill your senses.

A by the way......

James went into the flower shop to buy me a bouquet. I will just have to live with the fact that it is February in New England and embrace it. I cannot think of a better way than sitting by the fire with the ones you love, a glass of wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
P.S. There are brightly colored tulips in the kitchen.

Cymbidium Floral
Water St.
Exeter, NH

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