Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Heartfelt Vacation (episode 3)

Episode 3

A  B. Buntline Production

In the previous episode.....

We left The Hearfelts enjoying a welcoming glass of prosecco at 
Aldo and Daniela's Bar Gallo, in Panicale. After shaking off the jet lag with a short nap they are ready for sightseeing and shopping.

As Paul The Wine Guy gets the car, Betty Heartland and The Heartfelts wait by the Renaissance fountain in the main piazza. Yello- Hoodie Boy thinks he see some coins in the fountain...
...OH NO!

At last they set out for some sightseeing. Yello-Hoodie Boy is dried off and they drive down to Lake Trasimeno. They pass by artists J.J. capturing the beauty of the landscape. Even Red Polka Dot Girl is snapping pictures from the window !

Paul The Wine Guy knows some back roads to the ceramic capital of Italy, Deruta. Maybe it's time for some shopping! One of the best shops is Sberna. As they were choosing some plates and bowls to send home, Yello-Hoodie Boy drops and smashes a bowl! The man who is packing their purchases says there is more room at the same shipping cost! Maybe it's time for Yello-Hoodie Boy to go for another ride!

With the shopping over, they make it back to Panicale in time for the sunset. They relax in the garden for a glass of wine when old friend, Stew-Bayou arrives!
Everybody toasts the day!

Daddy B.B. and Red Polka Dot Girl are given a chance to be alone for a romantic dinner at Ristorante Masolino. Louisa brings a tray of affatati, mixed local cheeses and cured meats 
while Andrea -Sportivo stands by to take their orders. Nothing sounds better than a big bowl of
Umbrechelli  pasta with Bruna's special tomato and garlic sauce

Buon Appetito

Stay tuned.....time for adventure!
to be continued....

copyright2017 B. Buntline

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