Thursday, April 26, 2018

13 GOBBI ( Tuscany)

I have read about this technique where hot pasta
is put into a  large wheel of Pecorino, but I never experienced watching
this magic happen.....or eating the end result of the show.

We learned from Aldo, of Bar Gallo, that a small ristorante in
Montefollonico was the place to go for this pasta, and his recommendations
have always proven to be very good. James and I
along with our friends, Paul and Betty, decided to take a short
road trip over to Tuscany for lunch.

After sharing an antipasti of Carpaccio, it was time for the main attraction...
Tagliatelli being twirled and whirled  and tossed in a wheel of Tuscan Pecorino. It was fun to watch the bowls of cheesy pasta
  prepared before us, and even more fun to eat.
Betty called it, ' Italian Mac & Cheese!' She's right. The aroma was full and comforting.
 You've got to eat while it's still hot !

Nothing else needed after a bowl of this pasta, except  maybe an espresso and a walk.

Definitely worth a trip to 13 Gobbi where the staff are friendly,
the food is good and the town of Montefollonico is small and lovely.
Next time I want to spend time exploring this medieval town in the Val d'Orcia.

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