Friday, April 27, 2018

The Arc of Life....l'Ingresso



James Aponovich
Pencil on paper, 15" x 9"

After a particularly difficult yet successful year at the easel, we 
arrived in Panicale for an extended stay. It was time to put the paint brushes
 down for awhile. However, not wanting to push the 'Project' aside, I
needed to focus on a simple but involved drawing. I chose drawing
because it is the most elementary form of expression, a pencil, a piece of
paper, and of course, an eraser.

While the 'Arc Of Life' project is about people, I felt drawn (pun intended)
to the foyer of our apartment in Panicale. I am including it in
the project because it is void of people yet everything in the drawing was
made by someone. There exists a sense of quiet anticipation that
absorbs the atmosphere .

copyright 2018 James Aponovich

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