Monday, April 9, 2018


The hill town of Panicale rises above the flat plain that once was the bottom of Lake Trasimeno  but now is  a green productive agricultural land. From our balcony the farm fields are clearly defined by rows of crops, trees and white roads.

The geometry of the patterns are fascinating while the lake is in constant flux. At times the three island appear to be floating above the green water and yet when  the lake is calm, the still the water reflects the islands and the outcropping where the fortified town Castiglione del Lago  boldly stands.

There are huge Cedar  and Cypress trees growing on the steep slope that leads up to Panicale. Olive trees dot the landscape in neatly terraced rows.
The light is spectacular and on a clear day the blue sky is remarkable in it's depth of blueness!

 In the late afternoon and into early evening before the sun sets is The Golden Hour, the moments when the Umbrian landscape glows with  rich warm light. 

As the sun nears setting
 the shadows grow long across the plain. The green fields brighten in contrast to these dark shadows yet it all retains a warmth particle to Italy.
Cloud formations, like the lake are in constant change.
All I can say is... this is a remarkable place to be.

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