Tuesday, April 3, 2018

PASQUETTA.......A Ride In The Countryside { Panicale}

Here in Italy the Monday following Pasqua ( Easter) is a National holiday called Pasquetta.
Although Spring has been held up due to cooler than normal temperatures today was exquisite  with warm sun and mild air.
Since we had to move our car due to the Ruzzolone....the Cheese Rolling competition that happens each Pasquetta...it is like bocce only with a large wheel of Pecorino. Hard to explain.
Everyone happily moves their car because who wants to find a big dent in the shape of a wheel of cheese in the front quarter panel of their Fiat.

So, since we had to move the car James decided a short drive in the country would be nice. With the delayed Spring the trees are still without leaves, but, the fields are alive with crops of green.

The clear skies allowed the  distant snow covered Sibillini Mountains to show themselves, not a sight we often see.
Fields contine to be plowed and spring crops planted. Fruit trees will be flowering soon with the days growing warmer and longer.

Back up the hill to Panicale, we park the car down below and walk up to the Historic Center, now free of cars.

The piazza was lively with the bar and cafe's full of people basking in the sun and atmosphere of a holiday. James and I  found a free table at Bar Gallo , James had an Aperol Spritz and me a Campari and Soda. This is it. Life is good. We are grateful.

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