Wednesday, July 10, 2019


What would happen if one combines the Japanese like elegance of native
pines with 15th Century Florentine musical ratios by way of the Greek
Philosopher Pythagoras?  Let's find out.....

Squam Stillwater: Five Pines  ( in progress)
James Aponovich
oil on canvas,  24" x 18"


The first coat of the sky (and water) is dry. Now it's time to
'generalize' the trees with color. There will be more detail to come
but now I want to establish how the light is....not easy.
Mt. Chocorua is just catching the last rays of the setting sun
and glows with ember like warmth. The tips of the trees are
also barely in sun while their bases are in cool shadow.

Now I have to repeat this in the reflections.

Copyright 2019 James Aponovich
All rights reserved

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