Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Panicale ( Umbria)

I was expecting this news from Brussels yet when it was made official
I was struck by how devastated I felt. The European Union was opening up
to outside nations but  not to the United States.

Our friends in Italy told us about their three month lockdown which was
extreme and enforced. They did not like it, but they complied and now Italy
has very few Covid-19 cases.  Who can blame the EU for not admitting
Americans? I live in New England and in this region of the U.S. where
the cases of Covid -19 have been low and are declining. We
followed the stay at home orders and are wearing masks. Many of the
States in the South and West have had their heads in the sand on 
the seriousness of Covid-19  and are now seeing the cases rise dramatically
in those regions. Please, wear a mask and follow social distancing's not that difficult and the results are enormous.

The world is a changed place, Italy, America and 
anywhere you put your finger on a global map,
 due to this pandemic.
 The sun still rises each morning , beyond that no one
knows. All I do know is that James and I will not be returning to Italy as
soon as we'd like.  
We will miss seeing great works of art
in  places such as Florence, Rome, Assisi, Montefalco, Ravenna, and Venice. 
  We will miss eating the foods from
the fields and farms of Umbria and Tuscany and drinking the wines. We will
not be seeing the very same landscapes that Perugino or Raphael looked at and painted.
We will not be sitting in the piazza drinking our morning cappuccino at the bar. We will not 
be having an October lunch in our friends olive grove while the harvest is on 
or eating fresh umbrichelli pasta with truffles being shaved over the top in
a local restaurant.   
But most of all we will miss our friends and all the kind people 
we have gotten to know through the years of spending time at home in Panicale .
To everyone, we will return.

A few memories to hang on to.................

Panicale with Lake Trasimeno


Rome rooftops and St. Ivo



Umbria landscape


I did not include  pictures of everyone and  of  all of our friends but we are dearly
thinking of you all.
abbracci tutti!

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