Thursday, August 12, 2021

SUMMER GARDEN.......a buzz!


High summer has arrived bringing with it  record heat and humidity that the plants in the garden thrive on and I hide from. The mosquitos are also thriving in this weather but thankfully the dragonflies are on patrol zipping through the dense air above the garden making a meal of those biting marauders .

A Monarch Butterfly flutters around the Echineacea and Tall Verbena in the late afternoon stopping to feast on these flowers of the dog days of summer. There is dappled sunlight on the grass and I and doing my best to stay out of it and remain as cool as possible in the early morning shade. The sun will be blazing here in a few hours......not for me , thanks!

The hosts is getting some of that dappled light this morning. Lately we have been short on sunshine with mostly cloud filled skies and back in July rain was a daily occurrence. The shade garden didn't mind all the rain looking very lush.

I adore this begonia. I bring it indoors in the winter and by spring it looks rather shabby yet once outdoors it makes a glorious comeback ! 

A look into the perennial border........ I will wait until later....much later this afternoon when the sun is no longer beating down and I will freshen the birdbath and deadhead the remaining day lilies, cosmos and anything else that needs some attention. Then James and I will sit inside the screens of the atrium and wait for the hummingbirds, bees, and dragonflies & butterflies to put on their spectacular show.....despite the heat and humidity of August.

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