Monday, February 27, 2017

Isola Polvese [ A Year In Painting ]



As our planet makes its journey around a star we call the Sun, I make my own journey in paintings. Each week I present some aspect of our shared life experiences through the medium of paint on canvas.

"Old men ought to be explorers."
-T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets



From The Trasimeno Series

James Aponovich
Isola Polvese
Oil on canvas, 13" x 21"

It sits in Aquamarine and Cerulean, is covered with Viridian and Emerald and it is all under a dome of Cobalt and Ultramarine. It is called 'La Isola Incantevole', The Enchanting Island, 
largely uninhabited with a Medieval fortress and a monastery in ruins.
They say that the olives grown on Polvese produce the finest oil. I don't know about that, but dreams of the Templar Knights, Dragons and unabated Romance is there.

Copyright 2017 James Aponovich
All rights reserved

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Episode 5

B.Buntline Production

When we last left The Heartfelts, everything was going smoothly.....

...A great day in Siena followed by a special invitation to to an outdoor Contrada dinner.
As everybody was beginning to eat, they noticed....
Where's Yello-Hoodie Boy?
Oh no! Not again!

Not to worry, Yello-Hoodie Boy has just met Gianni Contrada Kid. They both share a common language of strawberry gelato and Hight-Fives!. Palio the dog wants his gelato!

To get away from the grown ups they go to Gianni Contrada Kid's house to watch cartoons. Bugs Bunny! Soon Yello-Hoodie Boy can say "What's up Doc!" in Italian. The volume is so loud that they can't hear everyone calling out. ( Palio hears though)

All's well that ends well!

The boys finally pass out from too much T.V. and gelato. Gianni's Nonna found them and alerts The Heartfelts. What a relief! Palio finally gets his gelato, there's plenty on their faces to lick!

Well, it's time to call it night and return to Panicale. Paul The Wine Guy and Betty Heartland pull the car up. Hello-Hoodie Boy is asleep, or is he?
Anyway, tomorrow is a big day in Panicale. There's a Festa!

.......stay tuned......!

copyright 2017 B.BuntlineProductions
all rights reserved

Monday, February 20, 2017




As our planet makes its journey around a star we call the Sun, I make my own journey in painting. Each week I present some aspect of our shared life experiences through the medium of paint on canvas.

"Old men ought to be explorers."
- T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets



James Aponovich
From the Sketchbook
Pencil on paper

" It doesn't matter how you swing the bat,
you gotta hit the ball."

- M.Z. - My old painting teacher

They are called Umbrella Pines. For a painter, the landscape around  Lake Trasimeno is rich with potential. Fulfilling that potential is another matter. When we are in Italy, Elizabeth and I usually spend the day drawing landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany. Success is never assured. Just finding a place to park is often a challenge. But every now and again, you stumble upon the right elements and for a brief moment......

You swing at the ball

James Aponovich
Trasimeno Pines
Oil on canvas, 13" x 21"

James Aponovich
Trasimeno Pines ( detail)

Copyright 2017 James Aponovich
All rights reserved

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Episode 4

B.Buntline Production

When we left Episode 3.......

......Daddy B.B. and Red Polka Dot Girl were enjoying a private, romantic dinner at
Ristorante Masolino in Panicale. 
Paul The Wine Guy told them to get a good night's sleep because they were off to explore Tuscany the next day!


The Medieval city of Siena is about an hour drive from Panicale. Paul The Wine Guy 
knows the way through Tuscany's Crete, rolling hills lush and green in the Spring, but barren and moonlike in the Fall. On the way, they pass a shepherd with his flock of sheep that will soon produce a wonderful Pecorino cheese.

When they arrive, Paul The Wine Guy parks the car and it's time for Betty Heartland to take pictures with a view of The Duomo and Baptistry, the exterior is black and white marble, the colors of Siena.

The first place Paul The Wine Guy brings everyone is to the Palazzo Pubblico ( City Hall), grand with it's bell tower. They are there to view Lorenzetti's 14th Century fresco,
Good and Bad Government.
Here they marvel ( and take pictures) of Good Government. All except for Yello-Hoodie Boy, he thinks it is just old and cracked. 
The painting is alive with a prospering city of tradespeople, schools, farmers bringing in crops, and even ladies dancing.
Hello-Hoodie Boy is behaving himself ( with a promise of gelato).

As they leave the Palazzo Pubblico and cross the Campo, Betty Heartland hears drumming and they soon find themselves  in a parade of drummers and flag throwers . The flags indicate that they are from the Contrada ( neighborhood) called 'The Heart', of course!

The excitement continues when they are invited back to the contrada for a communal dinner in the street. It's a block party! Red Polka Dot Girl is swept off her feet and is is having a blast dancing. That girl knows how to party! Betty Heartland is clapping and Daddy B.B. and Paul The Wine Guy are being served pasta.
But.... where's Yello-Hoodie Boy?

Stay tuned for Episode 5........

Copyright 2017 B. Buntline

Monday, February 13, 2017




As our planet makes its journey around a star we call the Sun, I make my own journey in paintings. Each week I present some aspect of our shared life experiences through the medium of paint on canvas.

"Old men ought to be explorers"
-T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets



James Aponovich
Untitled Study
Oil on canvas, 16" x 12"  

You never saw it coming. All your life you followed the rules, work hard, serve your Country, have a family, work harder. Then you watch it fall apart all around you. Suddenly, all you know collapses. You look in the mirror and wonder where the past 30 years have gone. The disconnect is not gradual, you have become expendable, they have moved on.

Now you are alone
You are old and obsolete 
They have pulled the plug
Have a nice day

James Aponovich
Oil on canvas, 32" x 24"

Copyright 2017 James Aponovich
all rights reserved

Sunday, February 12, 2017

FINDING SPRING, A Garden In Glass Vases

There is something missing from this picture.
To be sure, snow is pretty as it gently falls creating a snow globe world outside the window. Soon the snow begins to pile up on the ground and above the trees fanciful with their branches becoming  dusted with white. The landscape is transformed.

Yet, something is missing....

The  white snow  blanket eliminates color making for a vista of white and  grey. The starkness of winter on a cloudy day has a quiet and cold beauty all its own. On days when the sun is shining the long shadows across the snow are dramatic.

Yet, what is missing is color.

 So it goes......
 James and I were doing a few errands in Exeter, NH. He parked the car so that I could run into a store. When I came out he was not in the car, hmmmm! I remembered that just a few doors down is superb flower shop, and that is exactly where I found him.

It was very cold, I am talking 14 degrees F. cold, and very windy. These Arctic-like conditions made walking any distance unpleasant, so I was happy to see him through the shop window.

If blindfolded and lead through the door,  I would have known  immediately that I was in a flower shop.
 The fragrance is unmistakable, that of sweet peas, peonies, roses along with all their companions in glass vases.

And once my eyes adjusted to the light, it was the color that struck me.

These stout tulips were a blaze in colors that would be difficult to mix on a palette. Behind them,  a bouquet of yellow Mimosa which remind me so much of Italy and the Spring Festa delle Donne, a day to honor women and offer bouquets of Mimosa.

On every flat surface in this shop are flowers arranged by color in glass vases creating spectacular table top gardens.

Winter whites, palest pinks and lime greens create an all white, so to speak, garden. Really, how pretty is this! Wrap them all up please!  I can dream, can't I.

A friend of ours, Judith, said that if she were wealthy, she would have a huge bouquet delivered to her house every week. I am with her on that.

The succulents in the window just soaking up the sun on this February day.

 Amaryllis also enjoying a sunny spot on the floor. Elegant and sporting jewel like  colors are  grand over the top in their showiness.

I have to admit, the days are getting longer, even if it is minute by minute each day, I still long for  Spring. But for now flowers will do. If you need a shot of spring drop into a flower shop, green house, botanical garden, and take home a few flowers for yourself, believe me, it is good medicine.
Fill your eyes and soul with color.
And, close your eyes for a few moments and let the fragrance fill your senses.

A by the way......

James went into the flower shop to buy me a bouquet. I will just have to live with the fact that it is February in New England and embrace it. I cannot think of a better way than sitting by the fire with the ones you love, a glass of wine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
P.S. There are brightly colored tulips in the kitchen.

Cymbidium Floral
Water St.
Exeter, NH

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Heartfelt Vacation (episode 3)

Episode 3

A  B. Buntline Production

In the previous episode.....

We left The Hearfelts enjoying a welcoming glass of prosecco at 
Aldo and Daniela's Bar Gallo, in Panicale. After shaking off the jet lag with a short nap they are ready for sightseeing and shopping.

As Paul The Wine Guy gets the car, Betty Heartland and The Heartfelts wait by the Renaissance fountain in the main piazza. Yello- Hoodie Boy thinks he see some coins in the fountain...
...OH NO!

At last they set out for some sightseeing. Yello-Hoodie Boy is dried off and they drive down to Lake Trasimeno. They pass by artists J.J. capturing the beauty of the landscape. Even Red Polka Dot Girl is snapping pictures from the window !

Paul The Wine Guy knows some back roads to the ceramic capital of Italy, Deruta. Maybe it's time for some shopping! One of the best shops is Sberna. As they were choosing some plates and bowls to send home, Yello-Hoodie Boy drops and smashes a bowl! The man who is packing their purchases says there is more room at the same shipping cost! Maybe it's time for Yello-Hoodie Boy to go for another ride!

With the shopping over, they make it back to Panicale in time for the sunset. They relax in the garden for a glass of wine when old friend, Stew-Bayou arrives!
Everybody toasts the day!

Daddy B.B. and Red Polka Dot Girl are given a chance to be alone for a romantic dinner at Ristorante Masolino. Louisa brings a tray of affatati, mixed local cheeses and cured meats 
while Andrea -Sportivo stands by to take their orders. Nothing sounds better than a big bowl of
Umbrechelli  pasta with Bruna's special tomato and garlic sauce

Buon Appetito

Stay tuned.....time for adventure!
to be continued....

copyright2017 B. Buntline

Monday, February 6, 2017

ORCHIDS AND O {A Year In Painting}

James Aponovich


As our planet makes it's journey around a star we call the Sun, I make my own journey in paintings. Each week I present some aspect of our shared life experiences through the medium of paint on canvas.

"Old men ought to be explorers"
- T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets



James Aponovich
Orchids ( detail)

When flowers are in bloom, there is no time to waste, so often I will paint them as studies, hoping that eventually they will find themselves in a finished composition. They sit in the studio, waiting. So it was with these orchids, just white flowers on a dark background. Then came O. ( see previous post, Portrait of O).


Late in her life, my mother described a dream she had to Beth, ( my mother was not one to talk of dreams). She said she was in a field with brightly colored ribbons swirling  around her. "I have never seen such a thing," she said.
Tibetan prayer flags came to my mind, "she is preparing to die", I said.
 She died a week later.

James Aponovich
Portrait of O
Oil on canvas

So I gave the orchids to my friend, Robert. They are his field of swirling dreams, of what his life is. Now it was time to finish the 'study'.

James Aponovich
Oranges and Lemons in a Metal Basket
Oil on canvas

Copyright 2017 James Aponovich
all rights reserved


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Episode 2

A   B. Buntline Production

The Heartfelts  live in the loving community of Heartdale Falls

But every now and then, no matter how nice a place is
needs to 
get away.

In our last episode, our intrepid travelers had just left their home of Heartdale Falls, bound for Italy.
Everything is going smoothly until......

The flight lands safely in Italy.
But OH NO!
At Customs, the Italian officials find something suspicious in their baggage.
 It's their nephew, Yello-Hoodie Boy! A stowaway!
The police are  very mad and they handcuff Yello-Hoodie Boy! What now?

After paying a huge fine they finally got Yello-Hoodie Boy released and they are met at the airport by their good friends, Betty Heartland and Paul The Wine Guy.

Paul The Wine Guy and Betty Heartland are bringing everyone to their casa in the charming hill town of Panicale. The town overlooks  Lake Trasimeno and is in The Green Heart of Italy, Umbria.
They ride past olive groves, vineyards and sheep grazing. 
They are a long way from Heartdale Falls!

The first thing they do is go to Piazza Umberto to toast their arrival. There is no better place than Bar Gallo where Aldo passes prosecco  out and even joins in welcoming the new visitors. Daniela feels bad for Yello-Hoodie Boy and brings him a gelato! Even 'Osso' the dog is there to join in.

After a short nap, it's now time for some
sightseeing and shopping!

to be continued............

Copyright 2017
B. Buntline