Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Garden, Summer Garden

Here in New England we are waiting for a late February winter storm. The region we live in will likely receive close to a foot of snow by this time tomorrow. A trip to the market to buy supplies, the bringing in of cordwood to fuel the wood stove for warmth and fill the fireplace for a little ambiance and romance, all pre-storm rituals that will happen today. There will be at least one broth or soup cooking in the kitchen that will fill the house with wonderful aroma. Later in the day we will make a Bolognese ragu.
Outside, the bird feeders will be filled. Shovels brought out of the garage and placed by the back door. As the snow begins to pile up, we will try to think positively, knowing that the snow will create a blanket for the roses and perennials throughout our garden. We will pause to think about how the plants benefit from this snow and to the beautiful tulips in May and peonies and roses in June, then we will go to kitchen and enjoy the hot soup.

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