Monday, July 18, 2011


Before it is too late it is time to take a walk through the Rose Garden.

This charming fountain, known here as Squirt, was a gift to me from James. She stands in her pool in the center of the rose garden. She always seems to be smiling.

It is difficult to single out favorite roses, but right now I would choose the following three....

Rosa Mundi

This rose is splendid. What color! It is a favorite of bees and a favorite of ours.
It has been the subject of two paintings by James, one of which is in the collection of
The New Britian Museum of American Art, New Britian, CT.

The Apothecary's Rose

This is the rose that started it all.
In our garden it is always a favorite, outstanding in color and fragrance. This rose is the one we dry for small bowls of potpourri for the house.

Great Maiden's Blush

The third rose on my list of this year's favorites is the 'Great Maiden's Blush'. The fragrance of this rose says "rose". It is impossible to walk past shrub rose and not stop to put your nose to it. I always carry a blossom back into the house. Intoxicating!

Roses are just beginning to climb the rose post that James designed and built. We chose a hearty Canadian Explorer Rose 'John Cabot' to climb, with 'Shropshire Lad ' (Austin) at it's base.

Departing the rose garden I walk out through the lavender lined walk. I have been cutting and drying the lavender. The dried lavender and rose petals will be a fragrant and lovely reminder of the garden when the snows of February cover the garden.

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