Monday, October 31, 2011

October Morning

This October morning brings an unusual sight for this time of year, an abundance of snow.
Here the rose garden with the trellis crowned in white while everything else is blanketed in the snow that fell overnight. A strange looking landscape with so many trees still hanging on to their autumn color leaves.

With the early snow comes some interesting patterns in nature with form and color.

The golden yellow of the maple leaves creates a stunning contrast against the fresh white snow and the greys of the distant woodland.

The crab apple that is outside our kitchen window is heavy with fruit, leaves and now snow.

The view from my studio across the field. The oaks with their branches full of russet and burnt orange color leaves the trunks and branches outlined in white by snow.

James was able to get most of the terra cotta pots and garden furniture stored. These remaining benches where on nice evenings, sometimes even in October, we enjoy a glass of wine, can now measure the snow fall amount.
I guess we will be sitting in front of our lovely fireplace in the evening, at least until spring.

Sadly, one of our old apple trees was quite damaged during the storm. This year the tree was in it's glory full of bright red apples and still in leaf. We will get a better look at it in the next few days when the snow begins to melt.


Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Back over here in Italy things don't look at all like this, but what beauty you've wakened to and the photographs are stunning and evocative—it almost makes me homesick!


I was delighted to read your kind comment. An early storm can be interesting, but it can also make for a long winter. With the garden season behind us here in New England,we spend the days in our studios painting. Once the evening sets in we are in the kitchen cooking. Winters are tempered by planning spring trips to Italy and reading. Your splendid book "A Garden In Lucca" is one of the books I return to often during the winter months for it refreshes my excitement for gardening and of course, returning to Italy.