Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Gardening..... This Amaryllis Is Amazing!

With the weekly sequence of winter storms we are currently experiencing that delivered eighteen inches of new snow on Thursday it is necessary to have flowers in the house.

This amaryllis is outstanding. It stands at least three feet tall and each of the three stems is in bloom as of today.
The carnival like color and pattern make me happy each time I walk past. This plant insists that you take a look every time you enter the room.
A real show stopper!

The last bud is now in flower as well.....a trifecta!

More snow is due later today and another storm is possible on Tuesday. This is the time of year, that here in New England cabin fever begins to set in. Unless you are an avid skier or have a trip to the tropics planned then flowers, good food or sipping a cocktail in front of the fireplace are good alternative remedies for cabin fever.

Here inside there are geraniums , a lemon tree, begonias, orchids and the kitchen window sill is lined with potted herbs. And then there is this  grand amaryllis on display for a little while longer.

Hang on, Spring will arrive and according to The Old Farmer's Almanac , mid February is deemed "break the back of winter" time.
Have they looked out their window???

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