Friday, April 8, 2016


My garden mentor, Julia, once told me that, "Spring is violet, summer is yellow and autumn is pink."
She would have been delighted with the violets of spring that are now in bloom here in Panicale.

The fragrance of the wisteria as it weaves itself along the wall, is pure perfume. 

The lilacs provide yet another fragrance that adds a sweetness to the air. Yesterday, in the warmth of the very late afternoon it was filled with bees at work.

Even the rosemary has it's own take on the spring violet collection. The flowers of the sage are just about ready to make their appearance.

I cannot forget the happy faces of the pansies. I just love these little first flowers of spring.

Wisteria, wisteria , wisteria everywhere!

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Artist said...

Being here, we are always stunned by the gorgeous wisteria…..especially the fragrance!!! With windows open, the perfume wafts into the apartment, and all over the village, as well…nice photos, Elizabeth!!