Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Part 1

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After an exciting day in Siena.....

...The Heartfelts head back to Panicale for a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow is a Festa!

Any excuse for a party!

On the morning of the Festa the main piazza is decorated and polished clean. Potted flowers are for sale to support a worthy cause and people begin to gather. Katia is there with Massimo and their boys. She is the rental agent for properties in Panicale and is showing Red Polka Dot Girl what is available. The Heartfelts have fallen in love with Panicale and are looking forward to returning ( without Yello-Hoodie Boy!)
Daddy B.B. has just bought a bowl of strawberries from Ruth Roots and Tonino Cuoco, freshly picked from their garden at Sticky Farm.

The Festa begins with a Marching Band and a concert in the piazza.

No Italian Festa is complete without a political speech...or two, or three.

As lunch time approaches, so does the white 'Porchetta' truck. Everybody gathers to buy Porchetta sandwiches, cheese, or salami. Stew Bayou was first in line and is now ready for the first bite. After lunch it's time for rest and to get ready for what the rest of the day will bring. 
A special thanks to Paul The Wine Guy for sharing this wonderful photo of Betty Heartland.

To be continued.
Stayed tuned for Part 2 of Festa della Festa!

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