Thursday, January 12, 2023

Two Rooms Become One

"You probably won't like what I am going to say, but Giulia and I were talking

yesterday after we left your house and both felt that a fireplace with an

insert would make your living room too hot. We thought that a good solution 

would be to open up the wall, say with an arch, to increase space, making 

two rooms into one," said Roberto rather reluctantly .

James countered," these walls are two feet thick, do you know how much that would cost?"

"Well yes, that is why I hesitated to mention it," replied Roberto.

James had one of those three am. moments when he realized that an arch 

was a problem solver........albeit an expensive one!

As you can see, it was now or never......and the now is an arch creating 

one nicely proportioned room.....with a fireplace and insert.


The fireplace is just now being built.
It will have an insert  that will provided added heat to the house in
colder months along with some romance!

This is the view from our house across to the Comune.

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