Thursday, March 10, 2016


WELCOME Panicale, is what  was written on the card from our friends Katia and Massimo  that was with this beautiful gift of food and wine. Inside the bag are Umbrian pizzas from the forno. The eggs are from Katia's nonna and the amber bottles contain  passata di pomodoro  from Katia's family garden.

Suffering from severe jet lag and too tired to go out we deconstructed Katia's still life and repurposed the artichokes and tomatoes to make a satisfying sauce with pasta. And yes, we opened one of the bottles of local wine that were part of the gift. A toast be being in Panicale, our home away from home. 
Mille grazie, Katia and Massimo! 

Time for some rest,
Lights out.


Unknown said...

You have wonderful friends! Lovely photos...get some good rest.

El 'n' Kel said...

We haven't met you but we have been following your blogs for ages. I look forward to reading your posts and, as always, looking for new ideas for when we return in July for 11 weeks. Eleanor